sneaker dreams p.1

Since I no longer have an Instagram account, I guess this will have to do. But these shoes are just straight 🔥🔥🔥 Of course, this pair also costs 350 euros so I am never buying them. But wow. Look at those shoes.

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Silence The world’s too big; it can’t be scanned in verse. We two. And silence. And the universe. Two can be company enough. And silence— a silence we can share is more than silence. Lev Ozerov

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In Appreciation of the Slow Burner Podcast

What is more fascinating to me is precisely this residue of the contour between the two kingdoms of fact and fiction that are opposing only in theory. In the way most narratives unfold, the two things are merely versions where one layer enriches the other. The form of the podcasts – used rarely to bring up such important questions – is ripe for such experiments and we are luckier for it.

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