Present (pre)occupations

A bunch of things fascinate me right now: my own research (of course), open-source alternatives to things (related to my research), learning to code (very slowly), distribution of data, content curation. I am even enrolled in this Digital Humanities course online. This winter semester, I joined the Minor Cosmopolitanisms program at the University of Potsdam.

My current obsession is trying to find a routine that would make my research work efficient without letting it make my life unhealthy. Is a healthy researcher a paradox? I am still obsessed with improving my German. So I guess that is something I want to improve this semester.

Also, to make up for the lethargy of this blog, I had imposed a 100 Day Challenge upon myself. You can check out the results here. Well. It didn’t end very well.


From early to the middle of 2018, I was employed at eyeo. As a part of a communications intern/work student at Flattr, I did a lot of outreach for them. But I was also researching for things like market research for Adblock Plus. I actually wrote about what happened after I was told I was being let go in a post. TL;DR? I deleted my tweets. All 19,000 of them.

Then this summer, I went on a huge Interrail trip and took many Polaroid photos. 


Updated on: 16.10.2019

A few polaroids