Day 3: A Book in Pieces

Today, as I was picking up the newest Olga Togarczuk from Saint Georges bookshop, a sudden discovery: a Georges Perec Life: A User’s Manual on the shelf quite shyly. It is neatly divided up in chapters/books; which I guess is the best way of saying that that someone had ripped up the book into parts and then made them individual books – all bound with a rubber band. The asking price was 5 euro. I could not resist. A part of me is sure that someone would give away such an edition because the book itself is a memory; more precisely, a memory someone wants to get rid of.

Sure enough, the first page revealed a message for a “Sue”:
“I think the whole of human experience exists in this book,” someone wrote, “I hope you can enjoy it a little bit every day.” This – of course – also means that the person who gave it as a present had already done the deed of dividing the book into “bites”, as it were.

And here we are. Berlin, 2019. Who knows? Maybe we have a new candidate for the summer reading room.

Today’s podcast recommendation:

Simon Armitage’s time as the professor of poetry has come to an end. This last lecture, however, was quite spectacular.

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