Day 10: God loves everybody, don’t remind me, a.k.a., Heat wave diaries


An awfully hot day. So bad that I feel like Berlin weather – ever so cool and friendly – has turned into the monster I knew so well in Delhi. Except in Delhi we had coolers, air-conditioned public transport and fans everywhere. And Berlin is like: *meh* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Heat. Just heat. In an office where the droning of an inept fan makes one die every second. Time stretches, much like matter, in the heat. There must be a scientific explanation to all this.


Print tickets. If you are going for a trip. Read up on things. Distract yourself. Replace your new tab page with something minimalist. Everything is better when you are not thinking about the heat. Remind yourself what you have to do; even if it is on a .txt file. Apparently, your brain is good at remembering things when you do that. Who knows if that true. But it does make me feel better.


Summer School (which begins in 5 days) is a good distraction. As in the library where the temperature is always regulated. I mean, this is one place where the air-conditioning is actually working. A friend got so frustrated that he flew (spending Lufthansa miles) to some island so that he is close to the ocean. Heatstroke, kids, makes you do weird stuff.


Playing a playlist where 1 our of 5 songs are from The National. Because I am a stan who loves Matt Berninger.

I should go home soon.

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