Day 14: Hamburg-Sønderborg Diary


Cannot sleep. The man on the top bunk jumped and packed his bag in a hurry. Must be an early train.


Middle-aged man comes and falls asleep in the next bed. Check phone. No messages. No one misses you when you miss them. Must be Murphy’s Law: Travel Edition.


A sleepless day is a good opportunity for a long shower. No one ever wakes up before 10 am in a hostel anyway. Found a spotless bathroom which was amazing because of the complaints I had read online.


Middle-aged man is gone. Read on in Grand Hotel Abyss. Hard not to find a similarity between the way consumption was spoken about by Benjamin and the way we consume it today. But there is something more. Like a tragic Jonathan Culler-twist to it: maybe it is the form of the philosophical texts of the Frankfurt school that makes me read it in that manner. The discourse takes over the story.


Run to Rossmann. Buy hydrating hair oil and another toothbrush. Because you always need it.


Train to Tinglev arrives with wagons stacked so:

81 == 82 == 82 == 81

I have wagon 71 in my ticket. There is no wagon 71. Wahnsinn. A pingpong match ensues. We herd back to the “81” at the back. It is the fake “81” that uses the digits “8” and “1” but should really be 71. Conductor makes that announcement for the next two hours. Twice after every stop: once in German and once in English. Try to read on.

Found about Richard Sorge. Iron Cross of Bravery for the Prussians in WWI. Became a communist while recuperating. Traveled to Japan. Became a spy. Told Stalin about attacks. Zhukov listened and moved his 18000 soldiers away from the Japan frontier. Nazis pushed back. Sorge was hanged in Tokyo. “Hero of Soviet Union” in 1964.

Irony drips like that all over history.


First Danish hot-dog. Not bad. Probably will try one in a place better than the kiosk at Tinglev station. Met a colleague from the summer school. Surprisingly did not meet more since nine people were supposed to have converged on that train.



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