My name is Priyam Goswami Choudhury. I am based in Berlin where I am an academic researcher working in the Institute of English and American Studies at Universität Potsdam. archivbox started out as a semi-strange project of mine but has become a part of my work-life balance scheme, whatever that means in an academic setting. I started curating my objects of research, usually tidbits from my archival work, on this blog, before delving into pandemic life, and then some reading lists for the season.

My current research involves trying to understand the publishing histories of Indian English poetry after 1947. My research interests broadly include postcolonial literature, literary theory, and pop-culture. You can find my Academia profile here for some (rather old) papers on Shakespeare, presentation drafts, and more info on my academic work. You can reach me at goswamichoudhury(at)uni(hyphen)potsdam(dot)de.

My current tab will tell you what I am up to in life, generally.

Updated on: 31.01.2023