Present preoccupations

My current obsession is getting around to finishing an update to my PhD proposal and actually have a working chapter outline for research work while working from home because I am—much like anyone else in Europe right now—under a lockdown. ‘Tis the COVID-19 virus, yes. Send me dank memes, dear reader.

Last winter semester (October of 2019) , I joined the Minor Cosmopolitanisms program at the University of Potsdam. Since then, I spend my days organizing things and reading things for my thesis… which will surface slowly but surely on this site eventually. One must have hope.


From early to the middle of 2018, I was employed at eyeo. As a part of a communications intern/work student at Flattr, I did a lot of outreach for them. But I was also researching for things like market research for Adblock Plus. I actually wrote about what happened after I was told I was being let go in a post. TL;DR? I deleted my tweets. All 19,000 of them. And then I started again.

Then in the summer, I went on a huge Interrail trip and took many Polaroid photos. 

Following that, I have been doing coursework for my research programme and have been consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Updated on: 20.03.2020

A few polaroids