Present preoccupations

My current focus is writing a draft of a paper while writing a chapter for my thesis. In the midst of this lockdown, I am also trying to find more effective work schedules. I am trying to write about the things that I find interesting in my research in my new Objects of Research tab.

Last winter semester (October of 2019) , I joined the Minor Cosmopolitanisms program at the University of Potsdam. Since then, the pandemic has slowed down almost everything, of course. I tried to keep a journal, failed miserably.


From early to the middle of 2018, I was employed at eyeo. As a part of a communications intern/work student at Flattr, I did a lot of outreach for them. But I was also researching for things like market research for Adblock Plus. I actually wrote about what happened after I was told I was being let go in a post. TL;DR? I deleted my tweets. All 19,000 of them. And then I started again.

Then in the summer, I went on a huge Interrail trip and took many Polaroid photos. 

Following that, I have been doing coursework for my research programme and have been consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Updated on: 26.05.2020

A few polaroids