Post/Colonial Environments, Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien (GAPS) Annual Conference, Universität Zürich, 09-11 May 2024

Environmental and Cultural Destruction in Imperial Spaces, RTG 2571 ‘Empires’, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 30 November – 2 December 2023

Postcolonial Infrastructures, Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien (GAPS) Annual Conference, Universität Konstanz, 18-20 May 2023

Minor Cosmopolitan Assembly, silent green, 10-12 November 2022

Postcolonial Interdisciplinary Colloquium in Literary and
Cultural Studies
, University of Pretoria/Universität Potsdam, 12-13 April 2022

Revolutions in Reading, Stockholm University, 21-23 June 2021 (online)

Modernities in the Contact Zone: Translating across Unfamiliar Objects, Universität Potsdam, 21-23 October 2021.

Workshop: Modern Jewish Experiences beyond Europe – minor perspectives on modernity, 14-15 June 2021

Postcolonial Punctuation/s, WWU Münster, 3-5 October 2019

Summer Course in Narrative Study (2019), Aarhus University, Denmark

International Conference, “World Literature – Postcolonial Perspectives”, University of Delhi, March 15-17, 2018

REPRESENTATIONS OF HOME 2, Conflict and/or (Be)longing: Thinking with Stories and Images, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon, 16-17 November 2017

NEW FACES: Facing Europe in Crisis – Shakespeare’s World and Present Challenges , University of Szeged, 29 May-10 June 2017

LOVE AND TERROR: Feminisms in Transnational Perspectives, Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik, 22-26 May 2017

Minor Shakespeares, University of Split, 23-24 September 2016