while reading for Emily Apter’s workshop

This Thursday (25th of April, 2019), the great Emily Apter holds a workshop at the Freie Universität. While I have listened to her great keynotes at least twice (once at a conference in Delhi and once in Berlin’s HKW), every time I have listened to her, a deeper reservoir of knowledge opens itself up for reading/research. For this workshop, I just realised that one of her big topics of the workshop itself is the work of artist/researcher Lawrence Abu Hamdan. And his work on speech and accents is quite fascinating both from the perspective of someone who feigns accents all the time and as someone who is interested in the politics of the whole thing on the other. Here’s an audio “documentary”:

On the other hand, the very fabulous Ben Mauk has written on the same exhibition/documentary – which makes for a very insightful secondary reading.


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