Author: Priyam

  • An Annual Update + Plans (sort of)

    I have wanted to updated this space for a while without coming to terms in terms of what this kind of thing means anymore. The more social media saturates spaces, the more it becomes difficult to create without either catering to the kind of writing and “content creation” that would gather more eyeballs or creating…

  • A Post-Dissertation Reading List

    This is a reading list that I kept building for some reason as I kept writing my dissertation towards an end… But here it goes:

  • The Beginning of an End

    I emailed my supervisor some months ago that I could see the endgame in sight. This was about my dissertation, but it could also be about the way one’s transitions in life often work—in retrospect. I started working on my dissertation so long ago, not in terms of time but simply my headspace, that writing…

  • Summer Reading

    Summer Reading

    It is only as I prepare to move between apartments, write a dissertation, and enter the last year of my dissertation that the artificial constructed nature of this reading list seems like a beautiful refuge of kind.

  • Visceral Gestures: Writing Susumu Kamijo’s Art

    Some months ago, in a haze of art talk and chats about Samuel Beckett and Kobo Abe, I told Susumu Kamijo that I would love to write about his art. It was an impulsive thing to say, considering that I have never written about any art that I have loved or hated.

  • las setas

    Like any place that is open and is skate-able, a community of skaters make that space their own.

  • academic essentials list

    academic essentials list

    I am always mildly annoyed by the fact that while GQ would have a bunch of smart rappers, actors, and even artists for their 10 essentials but a writer has never really been invited to talk about their essentials. More so than ever, academics—poor souls who live most their lives stuck to their computers these…

  • archive day 1

    archive day 1

    lessons from day one at the Marbach archive – The thing that you are looking for may not actually be there but it is more important to understand why is it that it is not there. What do you do with the things you find there? – The archive is a curated experience. What are…

  • some concrete poetry

    I am preparing for the archive visit that starts tomorrow and found myself trawling through (what else?) the immense data of JStor to look for stuff on Carl Weissner. And out of nowhere the fabulous concrete poetry journal came to the screen.

  • Knausgaard’s Playlist

    Somewhere in the midst of reading Karl Ove Knausgaard’s Death in the Family, in the section of the party in spring, a deep ache to listen to all the albums that he had put together “written in my own childish capitals on the spines”