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  • podcast episode + archive visit

    podcast episode + archive visit

    I was glad that one is still possible to be able to hold on to some sounds of summer. Like this podcast episode that I worked on, speaking to Zoran Terzińá, about memes, the internet, Kafka, and other marvellous beings.

  • 21.05.21

    Writing is difficult these days. Not just because we are living in a world that is increasingly unpredictable. Part of it is the very fabric of the unknowability of a future that seems to make any utterance devoid of meaning. That is what is true for all of us, I suppose. This website has been […]

  • Muzaffarnagar Violence (updated: 28.12.2019)

    More Than 67 Shops Sealed In Muzaffarnagar Days After Yogi Adityanath’s ‘Revenge’ Warning The crackdown by state government comes days after Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had warned that he would take “revenge” from those vandalising the public properties during protests. A government spokesperson said that the shops would be seized if the involvement of owners […]

  • Reading List [updated 21.12.2019]

    Since the last two weeks, I have been struggling to wrap my head around the violence and the brutality back home in Assam. As an Assamese person who happens to be Rajbongshi (a rather contentious category these days) and has a mother who isn’t Rajbongshi, I decided to do the thing that makes me more […]

  • Thoughts on the threats against “Miyah Poetry”

    Ten poets have been booked for “spreading communal disharmony”. They have been harassed, bullied and threatened online. Their private life has been ridiculed on my own social media feed over the last few days. The people have were part of the “intellectual” debate have gone silent. If they thought of their fellow poets as equals, one would assume at least one of them would have created a hullabaloo with the same fervor with which they debated the very idea of “Miyah poetry”