Sound Candy 27.02.2018

“The Assassination” podcast with BBC’s Owen Bennett-Jones is nearing its season-finale. If I could recommend one podcast this January, it’d be this one. It is so well-researched and well-produced that it makes you feel the historicity of the moment with new-clips and interviews with people who were right there as Benazir Bhutto was murdered. This week caps off the series and I’d recommend a podcast-binge from the very first one.


The second podcast that I loved this last ten days was the one on Bijlmer by 99% Invisible. Again, Roman Mars and co. are superb and I’d highly recommend checking out their article along with the podcast episode itself.


One of favorite podcasters posted recently, which I am extremely happy about. The Kitchen Sisters are one of the most radically innovative producers and everything they tackle in their podcasts. If you have not listened to the one about the “Bone Records” in Russia, this would be the time to rectify that grave mistake in your life.

This week, though, they had a story about an exiled writer that because of my own research interests, was something that was moving, hilarious and at times, simply enchanting. The interplay of text and voices weave to create something more than an episode about Guillermo Cabrera Infante; it was simply excellent podcasting.


The last podcast from last week is by The Guardian’s Book podcast which is an excellent place to listen to and actually discover new podcasts. Last week, in a rather charming interview with a woman who has documented her loss of memory in a book, I was left wondering how I would respond if I had to choose between losing my sense of smell or taste or, say, the memory of my lovers and poems. This was one of the podcast episodes I know I will go back to over time simply because it asks questions that have many complicated entries into the theatre of the mind.


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